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Medical Bill Maven

Are you avoiding paying your medical bills because you don’t understand them?

Don’t procrastinate any longer.  We are health insurance literate and can help you understand your expenses and how to address them.

Medical bills are intimidating, difficult to understand and time consuming.  We have the expertise and knowledge to decipher them and explain your next steps to resolve them in a timely fashion to help avoid any further negative impact to you.


Let our expertise help you navigate your health insurance expenses and make sure any potential treatments are covered to avoid any unexpected medical costs.


"Amy’s in depth understand of how the system works, what to look for on the invoices, and the policy language itself is so incredibly helpful.  Her clear explanation of what is what, what is covered, why there is a difference, if there is an error, and how to solve any issues has been a god send.  I just get overwhelmed looking at a stack of medical bills and not understanding what is what."

- Eliza P, client


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