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Step 1: Policy Overview

We will review your insurance policy in detail to help you understand how your policy works:

  • What costs you are responsible for

  • What medical treatments are considered a covered benefit

  • What providers and facilities are in your network

  • What are your potential expenses if you are treated outside of your network

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Step 2: Insurance and Bill Review

After reading your insurance policy to get a clear understanding of what is covered, we will review your explanation of benefits from your insurance carrier and compare them to the medical invoices your received from your provider and/or facility. 


We will ensure the visit was coded and billed for the services provided.


We will verify the treatment was a covered benefit


We will determine how much money was applied to your out of pocket expenses and how much is left before you reach your out-of-pocket maximum.


We will review all insurance notes on the explanation of benefits to ensure you are only being billed for what is allowed, and to identify any portion of the visit that was denied by the insurance carrier.

Step 3: Action and Next Steps

After all the details of the EOBs have been examined, it will be determined if there are any charges that need to be disputed with the insurance carrier or provider.


We will provide you with detailed documentation with all communications with your insurance carrier and provider billing departments on a regular basis to keep you informed of what work is being done on your bills and how you need to be involved.


By reviewing your bills in detail and identifying potential errors in a timely fashion, we will help you avoid being sent to collections and avoiding additional fees.

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Fee Structure​

We set up an initial consultation to understand and determine if our services will benefit  you.


We typically  bill on an hourly basis of $125 per hour for the majority of our work.  If there is a major discrepancy in your billed amount, we will invoice you 15% of the amount of money collected. If there is no money collected you will not be invoiced beyond the hourly rate.

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